Do I need to be fit/flexible/slim to practice yoga?  

No, not at all!  With practice and guidance yoga can help you maintain a good level of fitness and flexibility no matter you size or ability.  Iyengar Yoga is particularly structured to help students at all levels achieve their best, working at a pace to suit each individual in the room.

What do I need to bring to class?  

Usually just yourself and a willingness to learn.  At present however, during the pandemic, we are advising students to bring along their own equipment if they have it.  Equipment is provided for those that don’t.

What do I wear to a yoga class?

Something that you can move in.  A t-shirt and shorts/jogging bottoms/leggings would be great.

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is form of Hatha Yoga for all.  It has a strong emphasis on precision and alignment and sequencing allowing students to work mindfully, through a detailed practice, refining each individual asana (posture).  Although this practice may be slower that other methods its certainly not an easy option!  The depth of detailed instruction encourages students to maintain a posture for longer in its correct alignment.  Practicing this method will build strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility and help maintain a healthy mind, body and soul.  

Can I practice Iyengar Yoga with an ongoing health issue?

Iyengar yoga is renowned for being for being beneficial to students with particular health issues.  Teachers of this method have to go through many years of training before achieving a certificate to teach.  Please do, however, discuss all ongoing health issues with the teacher prior to attending class as this will allow them to guide you safely in your practice.